How can you travel around the world without spending a fortune?

Open searcher: like the searcher on the home page, all you have to do is to select a city, a hotel or an attraction, and start the search! If you already know how many of you are travelling just fill in the fields for more punctuate results! If you are not sure yet you can leave them empty and fill in just the destination!

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Map searcher: you do not really know where to travel? You just want to look around and get inspired? You like to see opportunities in big? In this case we made our map searcher just for you! Zoom for any city, mountain or beach you like - if you find something you like just click on the marker point and you can see the list of the accommodations near to it!


In other words: five-star hotels at two-star prices.

Nobody wants to spend a lot on travelling for a holiday, if there is another possibility. On the web page of Swiss Halley you can book accommodation for even one third of the average prices. More than one million offers of 300,000 hotels are available with discounts of up to 70%, and with an average discount of 30%! Besides accomodations, you can also book cruises and ski tours and you can soon book transfers, as well. There is no other place where you could find so many perfect offers at one place! What's more, it is not only you who can use all these discounts.

Enjoy our super prices together with your family and circle of friends!

Is your family or circle of friends too large? Still, would you like to travel together? You can share the experience with them, but not only on Facebook. Or are you planning to go on a romantic long weekend just the two of you? All these could be solved via Swiss Halley, as even up to nine people can travel with you at the same discounted price.Thus, you and your companions can save lots of money. If you travel in a group, we can help you by providing the opportunity to decide already during the booking process, how many rooms do you need for how many persons, and only the corresponding hotels will be displayed to you.

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Book the hotel room of your dreams from home! By using our easy search tool, you can comfortably browse through our fantastic offers. As soon as you find the appropriate offer, you can book it immediately and pay for it, in order to prevent others from purchasing the same best offer.You can take your time with printing out the voucher necessary for the trip, as the booking is already valid. There is no more hurrying, queueing or impolite customer service representatives.

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How can you use the discounts?

During the validity period of the travel package selected by you, you can unrestrictedly use numerous discounts, let it be a hotel reservation, a cruise or even a ski tour. You can select from various packages, for instance, the price of the BASIC package is only USD 459. For this price you can browse the offers of 300,000 hotels of 190 countries and several thousands of ski tours; for a period of one year. You can travel in an unlimited way for a year,but not just you, but even up to nine people can join you. What’s more, there are even more attractive offers available as you are going to receive a voucher which can be exchanged for an exclusive offer.The other packages are awaiting you with even more vouchers and discount years!

Package offers surpassing even these sensational discounts are awaiting you, too!

You cannot only receive unique discounts from us, but you are entitled to get exclusive package offers that are available only for you – you can use them with the vouchers of the travel packages.
Would you like to spend a romantic long weekend with your beloved one in Venice? By using your voucher you can stay in a four-star hotel for four nights with breakfast only for USD 10. Does it sound alluring? Each of our package offers are at least that alluring!

The era of limitations is over, you can decide as you like!

A night in London during a business trip, or a week in the Bahamas with your family, or a long weekend at Lake Windermere with your best friends? At Swiss Halley you can decide, when, with whom, for how many days and where you would like to go. We provide you with the freedom of choice.

Do not miss these discounts, register today!

After you become a user of the Swiss Halley team, you only have to select the offers that are the most attractive to you, travel a lot, collect memories and share them with us or your friends.


Enjoy the unbelievably low prices, go on holidays and earn a lot of money, too!

In addition, not only can you travel at sensational prices with Swiss Halley, but you can also earn money. For you, as a user - or future user - of the Swiss Halley community- not only the travel experience, but also the opportunity to earn money is available. You can read more about it here.

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